Key Specs

500 (max)Phones/PagingGateways

100 (max)Calls/Intercom/Live PA


200Endpoints’BGM in Same LAN

100Conference Attendees

7500hrs hrsRecording (Live PA/Intercom/Calls)

The Brand New SIP Based Paging and Intercom Solution

Integratable and expandable SIP PA solution is released now. Get ready to make your announcement to the world!
Make Paging and Intercom be Simple and Easy
An ideal SIP paging and intercom server-MX500. It comes with various PA features like back ground music, scheduled PA and live announcements, bringing you excellent paging and intercom experience.
200MaxBGM Play
100MaxConference Attendees
100MaxSimultaneous Calls
All-in-one Solution with PA, intercom and phone call service
Integratable with Third Party Service and Management System
As a SIP PA center, MX500 can be integrated with lots of third party systems like carpark management system and visitor management system, allowing you to experience the cutting edge SIP Paging and Intercom solution.
More Features
  • Scheduled Broadcasting
  • Zone Broadcasting
  • Stereophonic Music Broadcasting
  • Emergency Alarm/Broadcasting
  • External Line Broadcasting
  • Public Addressing
  • Public Address Recording
  • Emergency Intercom
  • Intercom Call Recording
  • Conference Calls
  • Conference Call Recording
  • Hands Free
  • Call Monitoring
  • Intercom Monitoring
  • Call Barge In
  • Intercom Barge In
  • Conference Control
  • IP Phone Auto Provisioning
  • X30 Auto Provisioning