ZCPT (Zycoo Certified IP Telephony Trainer)


All right! Only one step to the trainer.

Only someone can join in this course who has valid ZCSP, ZCIA, ZCIE certificates.

after this course you can organize yours training courses; helping you and other zycoo telephony admins/users to troubleshoot, you can report bugs to zycoo developers team and will have lowest price to buy zycoo products.

Just being professional in what you've learned matters so that you can teach them

Details of the Training

No. of Days/ Date 1 Day duration expense per person Depend to Exam Center and market
Number of attendees Minimum of 6 participants Certificate ZCPT

Target Audience

Technical Personnel of a Company, IT Managers, Network administrators, Zycoo Certified VoIP Expert


Course Prerequisites

Participant should have successfully passed the Valid ZCSP, ZCIA, ZCIE

Course Outline

Review of ZCSP, ZCIA, ZCIE courses

The outline of this course will announced at the time of organizing.


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