CooVox v3.2.0 Changelog

Important Notices:

  1. Please ensure your current firmware version is at least v3.1.0 so you can upgrade v3.2.0 firmware!
  2. Firmware version v2.x CANNOT be upgraded to v3.x!
  3. Backups from v3.1.0 and older versions cannot be applied on v3.2.0 system!
  4. Due to major new feature updates in this version, certain settings will lose after upgrading. The following settings need to be re-configured:
    1. Time Conditions, all settings need to be re-configured!
    2. Department, all settings need to be re-configured!
    3. Inbound Routes, part of the settings need to be re-configured!
    4. Direct Routing, part of the settings need to be re-configured!
  5. After upgrading to v3.2.0, the 2.0.2 version CooCall CANNOT be used, please inform the extension users to upgrade their CooCall softphone APP to the latest 2.1.0 version

Features Added

  1. Added Hot Standby feature for high availability deployments.(Only available on U80/U100)
  2. Added billing module and billing user account. Available billing features like Rates Settings, Recharge, Prepaid/Postpaid Payment, Lock/Unlock Extensions, Statistics, etc.
  3. Added HMobile Connect for hotel PMS integration, with cHar HMobile Connect the CooVox series can be integrated with various hotel PMS.
  4. Added conference manager support for CooCall softphone APP. Authorized extension users can start and manage an audio conference from CooCall softphone APP.
  5. Added Web based conference manager support. Authorized Web conference manager can start and manage an audio conference from CooVox series Web UI.
  6. Added Remote Management feature for quick and safe tech support from ZYCOO support team.
  7. Added EX16S Expansion Box remote deployment support. By manually create an EX16S from the EX16S provisioning page, an auto provision file will be generated, simply upload this file to the remote EX16S it will be automatically configured and ready for phone calls.
  8. Added Speed Dial feature. By using Speed Dial feature code with the contacts Speed Dial code, you can dial the contact number directly without entering the actual number.
  9. Added Double CID feature, you may now set 2 CID numbers to the extensions, and from the Dial Rules you can set which CID number to be used for dialing outbound.
  10. Added On/Off switch to the IP extensions for enabling/disabling user extensions.
  11. Added On/Off switch to the SIP and IAX trunks for enabling/disabling the trunks.
  12. Added Send PAI and Send RPID options to the IP extension settings.
  13. Added Caller ID Signaling and Caller ID Start options to the FXO trunk settings, can be used to tune Caller ID of individual FXO trunks.
  14. Added global Voicemail Settings in the Admin user Web UI, can be used to configure global Mailbox Options, Message Options and Playback Options.
  15. Added Push Notification label to the Switchboard -> Extensions screen to indicate which extensions had been used by CooCall softphone APP and enabled with Push Notification.
  16. Added new Cisco phone auto provisioning support, newly added models are 3905, 6821, 6851, 7811, 7821, 7832, 7841, 8832, 8851 and 8865.
  17. Added Flying Voice phone auto provisioning support, supported models are FIP11W, FIP12W, FIP16 and IP622W.
  18. Added TCP and TLS protocol support between the CooVox series and ZYCOO SIP Proxy server.
  19. Added new proxy servers in Dubai, UAE and Cape Town, South Africa.
  20. Added Virtual IP support on LAN interface.
  21. Added interface for modifying Web port.
  22. Added option to set the register timeout of the extensions.
  23. Added RTP timeout for the extensions.
  24. Added UDP, TCP, TLS transport protocol signaling port display on the SIP Proxy settings screen, remote extensions should use the corresponding port to register to the CooVox series IP PBX system via the SIP proxy server. 
  25. Added default IVR templates, while the v3.2.0 software CooVox series IP PBX is in factory defaults states, this IVR will be visible.
  26. Added voice prompts (English) to notify the callers to dial 0 to reach the operator after the extension users’ voicemail had been disabled.
  27. Added NAT option in the SIP trunk settings, can be used to fix phone call audio problems if there’s any.
  28. Added options to modify Call Parking number range, can be used to avoid number confliction if you have created 2-digit numbers and extensions.
  29. Added Spanish voice prompts support for Wakeup Call services.
  30. Added PAI and Diversion options to the global SIP settings.
  31. Added video call support while remote extensions are registered via our SIP proxy server.


Feature optimization and bug fixes

  1. Added Apply Changes options while changes had been made through the Admin user Web UI, and canceled automatic activating changes after each modification, so you can make configuration modifications first and activate the changes at one time to avoid too frequently reload Asterisk and cause possible unstable issues.
  2. Adjusted extension password strength strategy, no password strength required while remote extension is not enabled, but requires strong password to enable remote extension option.
  3. Adjusted time condition settings, time rules can be combined to achieve flexible and complex time conditions.
  4. Adjusted and optimized ring strategy of departments.
  5. Updated CooCall API, the new CooCall API does not require ZYCOO SIP proxy server support for Push Notifications and other data interactions.
  6. Adjusted DHCP network mode, DNS server can be manually configured, current network profile is now displayed.
  7. Adjusted Admin and Operator user management, user names are now changeable.
  8. Fixed the problem of the error message of first incorrect login will cover the login button, so after re-entering the login credential the button cannot be clicked.
  9. Adjusted manual time settings, after manual time settings system reboot is not compulsive.
  10. Adjusted the priority of Number DID and Smart DID, the priority of Number DID is now higher than Smart DID.
  11. Fixed the problem of fax and quick send number settings won’t save.
  12. Fixed the problem of backup won’t work. (Only for U100/U80)
  13. Adjusted the USB storage space detection and release, the earliest recordings will be deleted to keep 500MB free space threshold.
  14. Fixed the problem of calls cannot be recorded on the IAX trunks.
  15. Fixed the problem of synchronizing feature codes of CooVox series IP PBX to the EX16S system.
  16. Adjusted the dial rule settings, maximally 70 trunks can be used by each dial rule.
  17. Fixed the problem of Cisco phones registration with TLS protocol.
  18. Fixed the problem of quick send number configuration won’t take effect on trunks.
  19. Adjusted music on ringback feature, playback music to external callers and ringback tone to the internal callers, instead of playback music as ringback tone to all callers.
  20. Fixed the problem of Direct Call Pickup won’t work on IAX extension.
  21. Adjusted Denoise settings, divided one general option to two options, RX-Denoise and TX-Denoise.
  22. Fixed the problem of settings won’t be cleared after wakeup calls completed.
  23. Fixed the problem of Smart DID, if an external caller been forwarded to an external phone number, the next call of the external won’t be able to call in.
  24. Fixed the problem of giving a custom dial permission to the digital trunk which will be reset as “Default” after a system reboot.
  25. Adjusted time and region settings of the Quick Setup Wizard, after time and region settings the system reboot will be performed after all Quick Setup Wizard settings been completed.
  26. Adjusted network settings of the Quick Setup Wizard, after network settings the system reboot will be performed after all Quick Setup Wizard settings been completed.